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Linkedin Webinar

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Who Should Watch?

  • Sales Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Recruiters
  • Job Seekers
  • Anyone interested in leveraging Linkedin for personal and business success


Trevor Turnbull

Founder – Social Connect Blueprint

Trevor is an online entrepreneur with extensive experience as a business owner, business development professional and social media consultant. Trevor is the founder of Social Connect Blueprint, a social media training website that provides live, interactive training and educational webinars with thought leaders in the social media space.

Trevor is also an avid sports fan and the co-founder of Sport Fan Connect, a consulting company that works with sports teams, brands and events to help improve the connection between and add value for clients, their fans and sponsors.

Guest Presenters

Lori Ruff

Lori Ruff is a recognized authority in the arena of Social Media and LinkedIn training. Ruff joined the LinkedIn community in July 2005 when it was just two years old. Lori is now a senior partner, lead Social Media coach, and head of curriculum development at Integrated Alliances. She is a recognized authority in the world of Social Media and LinkedIn training. Her career in training international corporate and conference audiences began in July 1996. In addition to Internet applications, she is a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor and a speaker and facilitator on topics such as customer service, leadership, visioning, personal development, and career transition.

Mike O’Neil

Mike O’Neil founded the world’s first Social Media and LinkedIn training company, Integrated Alliances. Mike is a true pioneer in the mix of Social Media, LinkedIn, networking and web-based business applications. He was a charter LinkedIn user in early 2004 when it was just getting started. He is recognized by his peers as one of the world’s first and foremost LinkedIn trainers and Social Media speakers.

Mike is equal parts speaker, trainer, business sales consultant and entertainer who delivers leading edge business insight and training with a high energy “rock and roll” style. He presents the most basic to the most advanced material ensuring that everyone feels included and well served.

Webinar Overview

You are going to want to check out this FREE webinar replay with Lori Ruff & Mike O’Neill (Co-authors of “Rock The World With Your Online Presence”). In this exclusive webinar, hosted by Social Connect Blueprint, Mike and Lori share tips on how to get the most out of your Linkedin profile including:

  • Five (5) things you must do right now
  • Five (5) pitfalls you need to avoid

They also share five (5) of the HOTTEST trending topics so you can get involved in the conversation on Linkedin! And, Lori and Mike to answer questions from the webinar attendees for 1.5 hours after the webinar!

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