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Personal Branding Webinar

Watch live streaming video from socialconnectblueprint at livestream.com

In this LIVE presentation, Trevor Turnbull (Founder – Social Connect Blueprint) will be talking to students at Iowa State University about how they can use social media to build their personal brand, job search and build their personal network.

He will also walk the students through a step-by-step process of “Owning” their online identity including the following:

  1. How to properly set up a number of social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Flickr
  2. How to register a domain name
  3. How to set up a hosting account
  4. How to set up a WordPress website
  5. How to pull all your social accounts into your new WordPress website

In the end, the participants will walk away with their own website that they can use to market themselves while hunting for that dream job!

The LIVE streaming webinar will start at 4pm CST

Join the conversation below by logging in with your Twitter or Facebook account. Trevor will be answering questions LIVE during the Livestream broadcast.